Game Server RAGE

Server rates:
-Experience x500(x1000 premium), Animus x5000
-Skill points, PT, Force already GM
-Drop x5, Loot price x10
-Max level - 65

Custom settings
-Ore +1,+2,+3: talics, T2/T3/T4, Ore +4 T4 gems
-Monsters drop:
-Mobs from sette desert: all kinds of talics, T3 gems, ore +1+2+3
-Draco (Elan and MountainBeast) all kinds of talics and Crystal talics
-Cremul Snatcher Captain 60 and 57 type B(int) armor, 40% attack and 40% defense potions
-Naroom Crawler Captain, Kukra Vafer Captain 65 and 63 type B(int) armor, 40% attack and 40% defense potions
PitBosses drop:
-HQ and colonies PB elems and talics
-Lockjaw/Taraven/Blink/Calianna Queen 60 and 65 type B weapons, T4 gems, talics
-Soul Sinder relic weapon unsealers, type D weapons
-DDD Brother elems, Legacy Blade (1.0 movespeed, 15% hp/fp), T4 gems, talics
-Izen Cracker/Thor sealed relic weapons
Vast amount of items in Cash Shop (in game):
-Potions (attack, defense, dodge, cure, stealth, HP, teleport, class redefine, name change and many more)
-Scrolls to PitBosses, Ammo (all types),Amulets and rings for new players (Flame Draco and Blood Axe elemental rings and amulets 1k VP, and others)
-Socket extenders for weapon and armor, Lucky Set of Gems (T5),Jades, Generators and Charms(1 works as 5),Different Lucky Boxes
-Different grade HDH elems can be received from boxes
-Different grade Elems from Draco and Blood Axe can be received from boxes from Vote Shop in the game (300 VP pcs.)
-Hora Dark Hole reward changed to Boosters Ability Box (for lvl 55 jetpack), 300 CPT. Last PB is replaces with easier one.
-All players can see HP of the chips during CW
-Experience unlocking quests are disabled
-Unsealed relics upgrade like type C weapons
-Council armor is removed all players have access to the same gear
-P.A.L.M.A.S. armor bonuses removed
-Mail and auction are disabled (do not use it item will be lost)
-Storage password: 0
-1 is max for each generator and charm, so you don't have to buy 5
-Perfect grade elems, SP armor 65 lvl, relic weapons 55lvl are not tradable
No crookedly made weapons and armors, all races and classes are balanced. All items in game can be acquired through farm, from NPC or Cash Shop.